Human Resources  Leader. Organizational & Talent Strategist.

  • Strategic Business Partner and advisor/coach to CMO, CIO, CFO, General Counsel, CHRO and CEO
  • SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute)
  • A forever student of Leadership Strategies and Organizational Design / Effectiveness
  • Promoted 4 times in last organization. Chosen to lead start-up divisions 3 times
  • Grateful to have received team-member, peer, and client endorsements
  • One of my "super-powers" is developing direct reports and building results-oriented, engaged teams
  • Owen J Roberts School Board Director | OJR MTB Team Board Pres & Coach | St Jude Children's Hosp


Lydia P. Stutzman
I'm a Strategic Business Partner, Futurist, and Transformational Leader who has a passion for making a difference, for what can be, and for finding the (people & operational) solutions that add the greatest value
I create value for my clients, teams and business by:
    • Being a student of the business and “connecting the dots” with ease
    • Having a passion for progress, employing a systems-thinking approach to all matters, and adeptly identifying ways to improve customer experience and the company's bottom line
    • Expertly balancing strategy and tactics
    • Building and leading highly effective teams, developing leadership skills in my direct reports, and significantly increasing team engagement
    • Creating organizational structures that improve productivity, service and role clarity - as well as identifying and building process where it is needed
    • Delivering highly complex, global initiatives on time and on budget
    • Analytically using people data to trend, forecast, and develop workforce solutions
    • Being a person of high integrity who is deeply committed to values such as honesty, transparency and trust
    • Consistently learning, trending, and networking on behalf of the business
    • Always being committed to the success of the whole, I often ask the questions others are thinking, probe to learn different points of view, provide constructive feedback in a productive way, and respectfully coach-up when necessary


  1. -
    Head of People Team Market Growth Strategy, Wawa

    Lead the People Team’s strategy, approach, and end-to-end People solutions to support Wawa’s growth into expanded and new markets.

  2. -
    People Team Business Leader, Wawa

    Lead the HRBP team in providing internal client consultation and partnership. Drive business results through workforce insights, people strategies and talent solutions

  3. -
    Organizational Design & Workforce Planning Leader, Wawa

    Development and build of Wawa’s organizational design initiatives, processes and capabilities. Strategic workforce partnership, through leading edge advisory services that enable Wawa’s business strategy

  4. -
    HR Consultant | Chief People Officer, American Reading Company

    If you know me, you know what’s important to me: progress, problem solving, and making a positive impact on the world.

    I'm thrilled to be providing full-time consultancy support, to American Reading Company, providing HR leadership through a phase of great growth.

    Focusing on Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development, and Culture, as the business scales. Empowering ARC's greatest strength - the team - as they ever-focus on the mission of educational reform - where every student in the US can read, write, and think on or above grade level.

  5. -
    Progressive HR Leader - Consultant, . . .

    Consulting on Organizational, Talent, and Corporate Citizenship strategies, while I remain open and carefully consider my future corporate home (with a reputable, innovative, and values-based company).

    Facing challenging sales results and investing in a new Global Business Services team in Poland, QVC had to take measures to lower their cost structure in the fall of 2017. The organization was flattened at certain leadership levels and several functions merged, resulting in the elimination of over 100 HQ positions. The new VP, CSR position I held was one of those affected. Plans were reduced, initiatives slowed, and the VP level role eliminated, with work distributed up, down and sideways. I was unable to transfer back into HR, because they too had to reduce their leadership levels and staff.

    I will always love the Q. I feel lucky to have worked there as long as I did and am very proud of all we accomplished. However, an unintended benefit of these turn of events, is that it gave me an opportunity - I might not otherwise have taken - to discover my next “home,” where I can leverage my experience and help make a difference again.

    In the meantime, I’ve had the opportunity to provide consulting on Organizational, Talent, and Corporate Citizenship strategies with some really great organizations, start-ups and non-profits.

  6. -
    Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, QVC, Inc.

    This was one of the coolest moments in my career.

    During a global reorganization, I was offered the choice between another leadership role in HR, or the opportunity to make a "zig-zag" on the career ladder. I enthusiastically chose the zig-zag. I was still leveraging my HR strengths and skills - but essentially changing careers to start a new and global division, as well as making an impact in something I'm passionate about: Corporate Responsibility.

    In this newly created role, I developed a global CSR governance process and a matrix leadership team, across the enterprise, who was collectively responsible for defining QVC’s Global CSR Strategy, identifying our highest priorities, and delivering against them. 

    In our first year, we were able to also design and begin implementing an education plan for all levels of the organization, and conducted QVC's first CSR Materiality Assessment

    While in this position, I proudly served on Boston College – Center for Corporate Citizenship’s ( Executive Forum and the Retail Industry Leader’s Association’s ( Sustainability Committee

  7. -
    Ethics & Compliance Assignment, QVC, Inc.

    I was asked by our President & CEO,  to lead the start-up of our Ethics & Compliance Department, in support of our new Chief Compliance Officer.

    My focus on Communication, Education, and Policy, resulted in implementing an enterprise-wide communication campaign and education plan, Code of Conduct training in all markets, Executive Awareness education, an aggressive IT Compliance Training program, and the development of our most important associated policies.

  8. -
    Vice President, Human Resources Operations, QVC, Inc.

    In this role, I was offered the opportunity to build and lead QVC’s first HR Operations division, which included:

    • HR Technology
    • HR Service Center
    • HR Project Management Office
    • Employee Relations Office

    While each of these services existed previously, I was able to bring them together, redefine their purpose, increase collaboration, improve work effectiveness, and increase engagement, to better serve the global QVC workforce.

    As a team, we were responsible for delivering HR Shared Services, ensuring:

    • Data integrity for all people information
    • Global scale and automation
    • Comprehensive people management tools
    • Alignment of the HR portfolio and team resources with business priorities
    • Help-desk and Benefits services to team members
    • A fair and inclusive employee experience
  9. -
    Vice President, Human Resources Business Partners, QVC, Inc.
    • US Talent Acquisition team
    • Corporate HR Business Partner team

    We brought HR expertise to the management of the business and workforce planning. And we led complex change and transformation projects to continually improve the organizational health of business areas.

    In this role, I was also the Strategic HR Business Partner and coach to our General Counsel, CFO, CIO, CHRO and CEO.

  10. -
    Director, Human Resources Business Partners, QVC, Inc.

    In this role I led the HR Business Partner team for our Corporate divisions.

    We provided internal client consultation on the human resources implications of business strategies, conditions and changes, including but not limited to productivity and efficiencies, staffing, employee relations, policy development and application, benefits, compensation, and project work in support of the overall objectives of the business.

    I was partner to leaders ranging from Director level to the C-Suite, and in functional areas ranging from Finance and IT to Marketing and Creative.

    I also represented QVC on the ITAG Board (, a Workforce Development initiative of the Chester County Economic Development Council, in the group’s mission to promote Information Technology and Technological Processes throughout Pennsylvania

  11. -
    Manager, Human Resources - Corporate Programs, QVC, Inc.

    I was asked, by our HR leader, to take this lateral move to coordinate HR activities, ensure the HR portfolio supported QVC’s operative goals, manage all HR Programs, and develop the company’s DOT Drug & Alcohol Program.

    During the back half of this role, I also provided HR Business Partner support to our IT Division, on-boarded our new CIO, and was his strategic partner and coach.

  12. -
    HR Business Partner & Management positions, QVC, Inc.

    Since I joined QVC in 1999, I've held roles of increasing responsibility and have partnered with every division in the company with the exception of Merchandising and Planning.

    My client areas included (but weren't limited to):

    • Broadcasting
    • Programming
    • Communications
    • Marketing
    • Creative
    • Information Technology
    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Internal Audit
  13. -
    Director, Human Resources, Hilton Hotels | Field Hotel Management

    I worked at the Valley Forge Hilton for many years prior to '94, waiting tables and running room service - to put myself through college.

    I also held various operational roles, including Front Desk Supervisor and Accounts Receivable Manager, until I got my degree and began the search for editorial roles out in the "real world."

    In 1994, my General Manager recognized something in my passion for finding solutions, leading others, and making a difference, that he offered me (for which I'll always be grateful) my forever-career-changing new role - Human Resources Manager.

    By the end of my time with the Hilton, I was educated in the field and responsible for all HR Operations Management, Training & Development, Total Quality Management, Recruitment, Payroll, Benefits, and I was the 401k administrator for multiple sites.

target company profile

  • Values-Based
    An organization that stands for something and has a strong values system by which it operates
  • Excellent Executive Leadership
    A senior leadership team who are people leaders as well as business leaders, and work for the whole
  • Strong Company Culture
    that values its team members and is ethical, collaborative, transparent, and dynamic
  • Pride in Brand
    A brand, product or service of which I can feel proud to be a part or excited to get behind
  • Growth Oriented or Innovative
    Progress, investment in the future, and/or ideation are very important to me

Education Highlights

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
    Temple university
  • Extensive Continued Education in Various Business, Leadership, HR, and CSR Topics
    Wharton School, Boston College - Center for Corp Citizenship,  Center for Creative leadership, etc.


  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Cancer + Careers
  • OJR MTB Team
    exec board member. president & Coach


  • Work:
    Making an impact, working hard, and having a lot of fun doing it
  • Family:
    hanging with the two coolest people i know > my kids, and the funniest person i know > my husband
  • Fun:
    anything Artistic, reading, mountain biking, music of all kinds & my guilty pleasure: gamIng :)

The numbers

  • 25+
    Years of Human resources Experience
  • 10+
    Years executive-level leadership experience
  • 3 & 3
    Major brands/fortune 500s & small/non-profits

Top Skills

  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Organizational Design
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Integrated Talent Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • executive coaching
  • HR Operations & shared service
  • employee engagement & culture
  • Global & Matrix leadership

what others have to say about me:

    • Your skills as a leader of others to motivate and engage individuals and teams to do their very BEST
    • While motivating others is an expected trait leaders must have, your ability to truly engage people and teams in a personal and meaningful way is absolutely awesome! And while individuals benefit significantly by this strength, the primary benefactor is the organization! Since your people are driven to deliver extraordinary contributions.
    • Your ability to quickly and effectively move from one discipline to another is amazing and truly a talent!
    • Seeing patterns and connecting pieces of work together, seeing the big picture, but also the smaller steps that are necessary to get there.
    • Communicating to different audiences
    • Always keeping various stakeholder points of view in mind, even if they do not match your own
    • Lead by example.
    • You take accountability and are the first to vocalize & address opportunities for improvement, and last to take credit.
    • Motivate, engage and organize people and teams to do their very best.
    • Unify people and ideas by connecting the dots - You go out on a limb to try and bring collective understating and agreement to very difficult discussions. This is a very important strength that too few people do well.
    • Call-out the elephant in the room - Ask the question nobody wants to ask or tackle the most important or pressing issue which nobody wants to go after…Push forward (and back) by using a productive win/win approach which focuses on the collective outcome.
    • Share feedback (both positive and negative), both solicited and unsolicited, from a place of caring and honesty with the goal of helping the individual, team or organization ultimately get better.
    • Gathering the right information and input from the right people to make informed decisions
    • You, more than most other leaders, get into the details to understand, solve and drive positive outcomes. For some leaders, details can become distraction, not you… You remain focused on the strategy and leverage the details to influence your decisions
    • You were an excellent mentor to me, teaching me that someone who I share a similar working style with can not only be a leader, but a strong one. [This was important] because I value tangible, meaningful results and change. Moving the needle, making things happen or making things better, having something to show for your work – not just talking about it
    • You created a safe place to learn, to grow, to take risks and even fail. . . since failure was not an option for some leaders this was especially impactful!
    • You created a trusting environment which naturally facilitated an open dialogue without fear of judgement or reprisal.
    • By challenging me (and calling BS in a positive and supporting way), I was able to learn and grow like no other time in my career.
    • You gave me the autonomy to take risks by allowing me to assume new roles and responsibilities to round out my experiences as a leader. This allowed me to expand my level of impact to others and in a broader manner across the organization.
Previous Team Member:

Lydia = inspirational. I had the pleasure of reporting to Lydia for 7 years at QVC. She is a smart, inspirational, kind and savvy leader. During my years working on Lydia's team, she provided me with challenges and mentoring that helped me grow my career.
There were plenty of times when other employees (even outside of HR) would say "we need more leaders like Lydia". And I agree :) Lydia has a keen sense of being able to quickly understand the business, align the talent and deliver superior results. Any company would be very lucky to have Lydia lead the team and drive business

Previous Leader:
I had the pleasure of working with Lydia on my team at QVC for 2 years. During our time together, Lydia led the transformation of the HR Services and Employee Relations teams to deliver better customer results and improved team moral in the process. She also co-led a complex enterprise-wide project to implement the the global HRIS for QVC, skillfully and diplomatically navigating the organization and vendors to resolve issues quickly and keep the project on schedule.
Lydia was a great coach and sounding board to me and many others. She's a smart and savvy leader with high integrity and passion for her team and her work
Previous Co-Worker:
I've worked with Lydia on super-focused strategic initiatives where she is always the person in the room asking the question on everyone's mind. Smart, intuitive, and loyal to the core, Lydia is a huge asset to the team and the organization. She offers a broad spectrum of skills and at the same time, empowers team members to execute work -- offering to jump in whenever and wherever needed


Philadelphia, PA Region - United States

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